Useful Information

Read this useful information.

In order to ensure correct information, the following page is intended to provide as much detail as possible on the functionality of this store, its rule and all is useful to make a transparent information to the customers.

This shop sells products and services from our laboratories.

Who we are? ECnet, The Darknet Project and all products and services available on this store and in all our spaces are property of Ready2Go srls, we are a start-up italian company.


What kind of products and services are we selling?

Our company deals with computer security and develops products and services geared to the privacy of private data, network and server security, and everything related to the world of computer security in all its aspects.
All the items available on this store are the result of our laboratories.

How the Store works?

To ensure the best possible experience, we invite you to follow these simple steps in case of purchase on our shop.
We do not carry out cash on delivery, we accept as a form of payment: bank transfer, credit cards (managed by paypal), paypal and bitcoin.
For hardware products (, servers, computers, devices ….) we ship all over the world. In some cases the shipping is free, in others it is paid (inside the tab of each item you will find the specification on the shipment).
Delivery times vary from 4 to 10 days for all items.
By purchasing from our store, you accept our terms and conditions for services and products.

How to place an order?

The best way to place your order is by registering an account. You need to provide a valid mail address, the temporary password will be send on your mail. Once logged into your account, you will be able to set many things like: password’s change, address for shipping, payment method, contacts and similar. You can also place an order without any registration. To register an account, you have to click on “My Account” in the menu bar.

What to do if there are problems with my order?

For any problem, or info, you can talk with our support system active 24/7. The contacts are available here.

Company Details

You may need our company details:
Company Name: Ready2Go srls
PI and CF: 04188090619
Address: Viale dei Gladioli 29, Castel Volturno (CE)
ZIP code: 81030