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Quick Guide: Enter ECNET IRC using Tor and Hexchat (for windows and linux)

Since many users ask for a tutorial in how to enter our irc server, we decided to write a post to explain how to do that. This tutorial comes from our wiki

This tutorial works generally with any IRC server, and it’s written for Windows, Linux and Android Operative Systems.

 How to Enter an IRC server


IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is the most used tool by skilled programmers and coders to share info and to discuss. I opened my own IRC server, and i can quite say that it’s one of the most secure, safe and anonymous.

This guide is for Windows users, but if you need ask to me to edit also a guide for others operative systems such Linux, Android, MacOS…and i will.

If you still know how IRC works, and if you’re still able to connect to an IRC server using the tor proxy this is the server’s details:

  • Server: ecnetjlf2alxy2ob.onion (the server is also available in clear: and in ecnet: irc.ecnet.anon)
  • Ports: 6661/plain text; 9999/ssl (recommended)
  • Channel: #ECnet


Before to start, you need to download 2 softwares, are both free and opensource, so, this is what you need:

Done? Good. Now please, install both softwares.


This guide is useful for Debian, *buntu and all Debian-based distributions. Open a terminal and install all you need:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install tor hexchat

Wait for the end, when done, check your tor installation, in terminal type:

sudo service tor status

It will be in “Active(running)” status, and that means it is working.


Once done, start the Tor Browser Bundle, and wait for the browser open (it will open automatically). Remember to don’t close the browser, by closing the tor browser you will automatically shutdown the Tor.

At the same, install the HexChat. When you installed the IRC client, you may be able to start it. A first box will show you a selection of preset IRC servers, click on the button “Add”, a new server (called “newserver”) will be available on the Servers’ list. Click on it and modify the name in “ECnet”. Done?

Now, select the ECnet server and click the button (on the right) “Favour”. Than, click on the button “Edit”.

I strongly recommend to use the SSL port, so this guide is for SSL connection. Once clicked on the “Edit” button a new windows will open, with the server’s details. On the top, you’ll find a box within some like “servername/6667”. Click on it, and paste the following:


And click the “Enter” button of the keyboard.

”’WARNING”’ if you click the mouse buttons or other button, the set will be resetted. So you have to add the server’s details as showed and click the “Enter” button of the keyboard.

Now fill/select the boxes about SSL:

  • “Use SSL for all the servers on this network”
  • “Accept invalid SSL certificates”

Done? Great. Now close. By closing, you will be redirected to the previous window. Select the new ECnet server and click on the button Connect! The chat window will open, and, naturally it will output an error in the box, some like “server unreachable”. It’s ok. Now follow the next step.

Configure HexChat to work with Tor

If you get a look, on the new opened window, there is a menu. Select the follow:
* Settings > Preferences
A new window will open, down the window you will find from the settings the voice “Network Setup”. Here you have to configure the client to work with the proxy tor. Fill the boxes like the following and don’t touch the other settings.

  • in “Your Address” menu: Bind to: localhost
  • left blank the “File Transfer Menu”
  • (Windows)in “Proxy Server”: Hostname: – Port: 9150 – Type: Socks5
  • (Linux)in “Proxy Server”: Hostname: – Port: 9050 – Type: Socks5

Now, click on “OK” button. The window will close and you’ll back to the previous one (The chat box). Always from the menu select:

  • Server > Reconnect

After a while, you will be able to enter the server. Welcome! If a windows will open asking you wich channel to enter, type: #ECnet and click on “OK”. If not, on the text area of the box write the following:

/join #ECnet 

And clik the “Enter” button of the keyboard. That’s all dude!

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