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Join the Nation!

4 Years of beta testing revealed 0 vulnerabilities!


From 2019 ECNET is listed in many blogs and authoritative sites like:

  • Fabrica de Noobs – just the biggest blog about cyber-security of South America
  • Tor Project – Listed the ECNET irc server as trusted and respectful of its users
  • Tor Project – Listed the ECNET Anonymous Mail System as trusted and anonymous
  • WhyWeProtest – Recommend its users to use ECNET to grant anonymity online

ECnet is a vpn-based hidden network, encrypted with 4096bit, and it claims to be one of the best anonymous experience ever. ECnet is not only a simple hidden network, it is also a new internet, a new concept of networking and a new life’s chance.

Our mission is to create a real alternative to the known internet, where privacy and anonymity are at the center, where no one will ask for your identity, or verify if you’re a robot or an human.

Only in ECnet you’ll able to visit the anonymous and famous .anon and .clos sites, unavailable in normal internet!!!

ECnet is free, is based on ethical concept and developed by a group of programmers, but also normal people, that by years fight for freedom of speech and international freedom all around the world and the net. We hope you will join us, helping us to grew and became more than a simple hidden network: we wish one day that people will consider us as a final resistence to the mass control and privacy invasion from company and authorities from all over the world.

Know that when you’re connected to ECnet your device will result offline “All happens in ECnet rest in Ecnet!”


This is a list of useful links:

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