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Crypto-VoIP aka The Universal Cable

ECnet SoftPhone

We’re very happy to inform you that ECnet is now providing a new tool for our users: The Anonymous Cable
A SIP service that will allow users to make encrypted calls into the ECnet Network (but also through clear web and Tor network).
Each user will gain his own phone number (with root/local area number *555*) and can be reached by other users like a normal phone.
Why the *555* root? In movies, specially Hollywood ones, all phone numbers have the same root: *555*. That’s because the *555* root doesn’t exist. We can’t miss this nice opportunity! So our users will be the first in the world able to make calls using numbers with this root.

ECnet SoftPhone greatly reduces the possibility to be scammed!

You should know that by pretending a form of direct comunication, protected and anonymous like ECnet SoftPhone is, from your personal or occasional vendors around the Tor Markets, you will run away from many form of scam. Fast, direct and Secure.

How it works?

It works like any VoIP service, activate an account and set a client with your account’s details. After completed the identification step, you’ll be able to receive and make unlimited calls from and to your ECnet number. We strongly recommend to use the ECnet VPN (the nicest VPN in the world! For Real, and it’s free for all!) also for smartphone, only with the ECnet VPN you can proxy all the traffic of your non rooted smartphone without the need to root it!,
You can make calls in SAFE MODE with the full ECnet setting or make it in UNSAFE MODE with no encryption.
You can use ECnet SoftPhone with any device: Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone(recommended) and the following guide is for smartphone and PC and we recommend to use this 3 VoIP clients:(this software is opensource and are the ones we tested)

  • –> ZoIPer available for Android in Google Play or for Iphone in App Store
  • –> Empathy + Telepaty (for Linux)
  • –> Jitsi SIP Communicator (For Windows)

To know more about, pricing, info and contact, you have to visit the official site of the project:

This is the direct link to the Crypto-VoIP 

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