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Do you need an anonymous jabber service? Ok, read the following…

AnonJabber is a service that allows people to use jabber in the securest and safest way: you can use a tor hidden service to access the server, or the clearweb one (and naturally, you can connect using the tor proxy) and come up online being able to chat with all over the world. 

It is useful also for teams: using the tor hidden service as account’s extension you will be able to lock your communication into the server.

In fact AnonJabber provide with a single access 2 different type of accounts:

  • –>This is useful to chat with all over the world
  • user@ecnetjlf2alxy2ob.onion –>This is useful to chat with your team

Ways to access the service?

You can basically use it for 2 different scenarios:

1) Use AnonJabber to chat with the world

To chat with anyone you have to use the access. That means you can use the tor proxy to use it and decide yourself from what server access the service:

  • www: | port: 5222
  • tor: ecnetjlf2alxy2ob.onion | port 5222

2) Use AnonJabber to chat with your team in the securest way

To chat in private with your team, you can (but this is not a must) use the tor domain @ecnetjlf2alxy2ob.onion access. That means you must use the tor proxy and your teammates must use the same service and logging the server with the same tor domain. For this use, you have to use the following server:

  • tor: ecnetjlf2alxy2ob.onion | 5222

How to ask for an AnonJabber account?

Like for any service, you need to contact our staff and ask for an account. You can choose between the following contacts:

We strongly recommend to use IRC for a faster request. Anyway, if you desire to send us an email, please use encryption, you can take our PGP key here.

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