We are Nation!

Yes! We are a grewing Nation and you can be part of it! by joining ECnet you don't only enter into a new world, but you also will take part at the revolution! ECnet nation is ready to help and support you, your team and your idea. Contact us for more info about ECnet or if you need support in connections or for any other need!
Once in ECnet we invite you to visit the most important site/forum in our hidden network: thenation.anon

Ready to join the Revolution?

Follow this simple guide to join ECnet and download the client!

If you're ready to join the ECnet Revolution and be part of The Nation here you'll find all you need to know! To join ECnet is very easy and fast, you don't need special knowledge and it's ready to use!
More features and advanced settings are available in our sections: with ECnet you will also be able to Run your own server (and enrich the community with your services and contents), to surf the Tor network without using any Tor Software or the Tor Browser Bundle, connect to ECnet using also the .onion access instead the classic one and much, much more!

ECnet: A Bridge for Censored People

With the latest updates ECnet becomes to be a very fast and valid solution for people that lives in a state of censorship. Not much people know that countries like China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia and many others, block their national traffic to many sites and networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Social Media, Many media and information sites and among all the access to such hidden networks like the famous Tor network. ECnet is giving the opportunity to this people to circumvent their national's blocks and just by using the ECnet access they will be free to:

  • Deal with the censorship using the ECnet exit proxy to surf the normal web
  • Surf any content with no restrictions
  • Navigate the ECnet Hidden Network (visit and run sites and servers .clos and .anon)
  • And among all be able to surf the Tor Network without any Tor software!

To know more about this new features and to see all our products and services "at work", we invite you to get a look at our latest videos on our YouTube Channel: the Video Tutorials are good for Linux, but the same settings will work also for Windows! It will show you how to use it and how to configure your browsers (We used and tested Mozilla Firefox and Chrome)