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ECnet is an opensource project, we have zero budget to develop it and we need your support. We don't ask for money or donations (even if are very very welcome) but for us it's important also your support trough your social accounts and friends.
The best you can do, if you can't make a donation, is to talk about ECnet, its concept, its idea, and to talk about us using your social accounts, talking with your friends. We really hope you will help us.
We don't have too much social's accounts because we spend our time in developing, coding and maintenance, but we've a single facebook page, please like it and share it as much as you can:

--> FACEBOOK: The Darknet Project
--> YOUTUBE: ECnet Youtube Channel


If you wish, you can support our project by macking a small donation, no minimum required, and so, we really hope you will offer us a coffe, you can donate with:

--> Bitcoins/BTC: 3MRjoJ4uYrULxXvP7tL16d2KNoMGcPnuEZ

or with PayPal, Credit/Debit/Prepaid Card using the sharing link:

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or by using the PayPal Button:

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