Exploit the power of privacy.box

The Privacy Box in few words: Micro PC - Router - Access Point - VPN Router - WiFi access...and much, much more...

ECnet is pleased to present an innovative and revolutionary system for everyone: individuals, small and medium-sized businesses and multi-site companies.

What is it?

The Privacy Box is a device with extremely small dimensions to be connected directly to your router or modem, able to provide a high number of services and a high level of success and privacy of your network. It is also able to put in communication more offices or "areas" guaranteeing very high levels of privacy and security.


With the growing danger of cyber threats, our privacy and our lives can be exposed dramatically. This device is intended to provide complete 360° degree protection of your privacy. It is not an antivirus, the Privacy Box acts directly on the network, providing an extremely secure, versatile solution, and at the same time, thanks to the numerous services to which it gives you access, it provides you with a complete set of tools that will be extremely useful and simple for you. to use.

privacy.box Specs

All the info about the privacy.box are available in our documents site's section.